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 Maki09's Application ^^

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PostSubject: Maki09's Application ^^   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:14 pm

Name: Bryan
IGN: I Don't Know yet =] But im thinking of the name Akrilic, ArchLord, Aquo
Age: 16 =] Turning 17 in August.
Class: Either one of the following as main (Archer/Gunner, Knave, Warlock)
Gender: Male

Why I want to join?: Erm.... I wanted to join this guild because it's active and I also wanted to make tons of new friends in start of CBT - OBT, so that at the beggining I wouldn't feel like a loner =]

Other: I'm Always active even in School Year =] MMOrpg addict Maybe =]
Other: I'm a Leo ^^
Other: I don't bite! Twisted Evil
Other: I would like to help out guildies =] Specially newcomers ^^ (In Game BTW)
Other: I Like Grahams Very Happy
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Maki09's Application ^^
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