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 LilRagz App

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PostSubject: LilRagz App   Sun Jul 05, 2009 3:08 pm

IGN:LilRagz or AlexanderXIII
Age: 19
Class:N/A still choosing
Gender: Male
Why you want to join: brand new game and being in a guild would make it more fun then leveling alone.
Other:I have a years of MMO experience from WoW,PW,RS,Shiya,WH,GW,RO,FLYFF,MS,so on and so forth played basically every MMORPG out there. Have been in some top guilds of each except WoW only played that for a few months. I have lots of guild experience have run some good guilds to the point where its money wise. (I always become rich in an MMO for some reason). I'm never really nooby because I read about a game beforehand. Also at times im hyperactive,lazy, or play the game buzzed. I'm also very helpful(thats why im thinking going priest) so if you need help at anytime im NOT busy i will help in anyway possible. Hope we have a good gaming experience.
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LilRagz App
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