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 Andrew's Application! :3

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PostSubject: Andrew's Application! :3   Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:55 am

Name: Andrew Kim!
IGN: Andrew (Hopefully i love original names), or Road
Age: 16
Class: Pally
Gender: M
Reason: Almost everyone in the English WonderKing community is new to this game, which makes it pretty interesting. I think that since everyone is new that we should make a close knit group through guilds to make everyone feel more welcome to the game. Everyone can play together to get the basics down, and eventually blaze through levels and content and have fun while we do it! I find guilds to be extremely useful when finding parties, friends, and trades. Guilds can also be homes to competitive, casual, and inbetween players which makes them so unique! I believe guilds just make the gaming community more welcome to newer players, and who doesn't like a welcoming game? I mean whenever I played games that had crappy communities where no one helped each other out I found myself to quit the game ASAP. Hopefully this game wont be like that, and we can all enjoy the game together. cheers
Other: My forum name on WonderKing is Hoges, and i hope to be an avid poster!
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Andrew's Application! :3
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