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 Cris's Application

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PostSubject: Cris's Application   Wed Jul 15, 2009 4:02 pm

Name: Chris

IGN: Cris

Age: 17

Class: Priest/Knight/Bowman, not entirely sure just yet.

Gender: Male

Why you want to join: Its always nice to start a game with a group of other people you can talk to and get help from. Seeing as how this game is just being released in English, a lot is still unknown and being apart of a Guild would help greatly. If the guild has semi-intelligent people in it that is, don't want useless spam.

Other: Been playing MapleStory since it was released from Beta so it would be nice if I could play something else for a change. Sure its similar...But I'm fixed on 2D MMO's. Not entirely sure why. I guess for the ease of communication with other people and simplicity.

Thanks for reading :3
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Cris's Application
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